Reach the World

  • 92M+global learners
  • 2,900+enterprise organizations
  • 200+government entities
  • 3,600+universities

Coursera data. November 2021

This infographic shows the total Coursera learners by global region: North America: 29 Million, up 28%; Latin America: 16 Million, up 39%; Europe: 16 Million, up 30%; Middle East: 4.8 Million, up 44%; Africa: 2.9 Million, up 53%; India: 13 Million, up 49%; Asia Pacific: 14 Million, up 34%;

The benefits of partnership

Partnering with Coursera means more than hosting your content on our platform. You have the opportunity to:

  • Access the world’s largest online learning community

  • Scale your impact by offering your programs to businesses, governments, and universities

  • Create high-quality learning experiences that attract advocates for your brand and product

Get comprehensive support

Whether you have existing content on a different platform or plan to start content development from scratch, we provide customized solutions and a team of experts to support you through this journey.

Content Strategy
Teaching and Learning
Content Production
Technical Account Management

Data-driven insights

Track marketing data, content performance, and learner behavior with a comprehensive list of on-demand dashboards:

  • Organization and course level enrollment, marketing, and revenue dashboards

  • Learner progress, demographic, and retention data

  • Actionable insights to enhance content quality

Tools and integrations for
job-relevant training

Teach learners technical skills with Coursera Labs, our on-platform, cloud-based solution of over 2,000 projects. We support your softwares and tools of choice to help learners get job-ready and develop in-demand skills.