Bring Your Degrees
to the World

Expand your reach and offer your bachelor’s and master’s programs online to millions of learners worldwide who can benefit from the increased flexibility and accessibility made possible by Coursera’s platform.


180+ leading universities who are delivering transformative learning experiences on Coursera.

Partnering for success

Our partnership model amplifies your content expertise while offering one of the lowest service fees for online degree programs.

  • Uphold academic rigor with university-led content authoring and guidance from our online teaching and learning experts.

  • Get end-to-end program support from content development to student services.

  • Leverage Coursera-led marketing and recruitment to reduce your marketing budget.

  • Benefit from a tiered service model that rewards your institution as your degrees grow and scale.

Boost student job outcomes

Enhance student employability and modernize your curriculum with Coursera for Campus.

Prepare students for high-growth careers with world-class content and professional certificate programs as well as job-based learning programs, and hands-on projects.

Ensure consistently relevant curricula by integrating emerging technology with online content from top universities and industry educators. 


Why should I partner with Coursera to launch my online degree?
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How does Coursera support course and program development for my degree?
How does Coursera support marketing and recruitment for my degree?